Simultaneous interpreting

Immediate oral translation of the original speaker’s words into the requested language. The interpreters work in a special sound-proof booth with the speaker in sight. This interpreting technique requires considerable concentration so the interpreters work in teams of two or more.

Consecutive interpreting

The oral translation of what has been said into another language with the interpreter talking after the speaker. Employing a special type of note-taking, the interpreter can render accurately what has been said in the other language. This can be done either after the whole presentation or in several shorter pieces, depending on the length of the speech.

Chuchotage/whispered interpreting

The oral and simultaneous translation in a very low voice. The interpreters work with a tour guide system, which has a microphone for the interpreters and earphones for the listeners. This equipment eliminates the need for the interpreter to stand next to the speaker or the listeners. If there is no equipment available and only one listener requires interpretation, the interpreter needs to be as close to the speaker and the listener as possible, whispering the translation into the listener’s ear.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreters work at smaller events doing consecutive interpreting or chuchotage. They interpret in both language directions, from as well as into the foreign language.