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Konferenzdolmetscher Hamburg | Konferenzberatung | Dolmetschen | Übersetzungen. Monika Ott und Anja Grewe

We are members of the international association of conference interpreters (aiic) and the German association of conference interpreters (VKD). These associations stand for outstanding quality and professional conduct.

Our memberships provide us with a strong network of more than 3,000 colleagues the world over and 700 colleagues in Germany with 33 different languages. We therefore believe that we can also cover your desired language requirements.

Conference interpreter for German, English, and Swedish with a Diplom-degree from the University of Heidelberg

Monika Ott

In January 2010, I packed my bags in the deep south of Germany in order to set up shop far in the north. …

Conference interpreter M.A. for German & English with a Master's degree from Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Anja Grewe

Nordish by nature…Born in the Emsland in northwest Germany …