Monika Ott

Diplom-Dolmetscher degree
Memberships: AIIC (Association of international conference interpreters), VKD (Association of German conference interpreters)
Studied in Heidelberg and Edinburgh

In January 2010, I packed my bags in the deep south of Germany in order to set up shop far in the north.

Since then I have been fishing in the Hamburg port and beyond for interesting clients and assignments. As a freelance interpreter I have covered many topics -- from A (as in agriculture) to Z (as in zero emission schemes). D as in diabetes and O as in ophthalmology are on the list, and of course S -- the shipping industry must not be forgotten in Hamburg.

Since quick and thorough preparation of all new fields of work is the daily bread of a professional interpreter, do not hesitate to contact me for subjects not mentioned above.

Please contact us for references.

Monika Ott
Monika Ott
+49 (0)40 - 600 596 72
+49 (0)173 - 67 35 573
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